Monthly Archives: June 2011

So, what is what?

Most people approach buying auto and home insurance with great trepidation. After years of dealing with customers, I understand that apprehension; most consumers don’t buy insurance all of the time, and when you don’t do something very often it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the confusing terms and unfamiliar coverage that you are offered when you shop for insurance.

So today I am going to unconfuse you. Today is auto insurance, we will deal with home insurance next time. Continue reading

Fun coverage.

I’m sure that most of you look at the title of this blog and say to yourself, “Fun insurance coverage? No such thing.”

Maybe I used the wrong word there. Perhaps “fun” isn’t the right word. Obviously, if you are going to use your insurance, there is nothing “fun” about having a loss that requires you to make a claim. Rather than “fun”, let’s say there are some coverages out there that are unique – and can be valuable. Continue reading