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4 People who do Auto and Home Insurance and Commerical Insurance with The Phoenix Insurance

So I’ve been spending time lately throwing lists at you – to show you my knowledge of Renters Insurance, Homeowner’s Insurance, Auto Insurance, and even Commercial Insurance. Intead of bombarding you with information today, I thought I’d put up some reviews from happy customers – you can’t get a better testimonial than someone who has used our service.

1. Here is a client that likes the one stop shopping aspect of what we do. John Likes to have his home insurance and auto insurance in the same place – and we make that easy. Even if both policies are not with the same company, you still have one number to call.

My wife and I really like The Phoenix Insurance for a couple of reasons; we were able to get our homeowners insurance and our auto insurance in one place for one stop shopping.”

2. Richard is pleased because we saved him money on home insurance and auto insurance. He is a longtime client of ours, and we are pleased to have him as a client.

I’ve been dealing with The Phoenix Insurance Company for a number of years and they have saved me a considerable amount of money on my home and auto insurance. I’m quite pleased with their service.”

3. We also do Commercial Insurance for Texas clients. Here is Jonathan Poole, the owner of  Prevail Rsources, who uses The Phoenix Insurance for his company’s commerical insurance and worker’s comp insurance. He thinks we are a great bunch of guys. To be frank I don’t know how you can get higher praise.

Hi, I’m Jonathan Poole, owner of Prevail Resources, LLC. We use The Pheonix Insurance for our commercial insurance cover and our worker’s compensation cover ane they are a great bunch of guys and we really enjoy working with them.

4. Finally, we have Hans, who is a bit of a low talker, it seems, and is the reason I have transcribed all of the other videos. Despite being hard to hear, Hans’ praise for The Phoenix Insurnace is effusive – we are speedy, timely, and he mentions how great our service is. You might have to crank the volume for this one.

The Phoenix Insurance helped me a great deal with my home insurance and my auto insurance. They give great service; they are speedy, timely, and I was very pleased with my rates.”

Here are just a few of the many clients we have helped with home insurance, auto insurance, and even commercial insurance. While you may scoff at these videos and say “well, you just taped those yourself” I want you to ask yourself a question. Would you take the time to make a video for your insurance agent? These people would, and did. That’s how much they love to work with us. Everyone has a different reaon to work with The Phoenix – service, value, our general “greatness” that you cannot touch but can feel. Don’t you want to be so happy with your Dallas insurance agent that you would testify for them?

5 Things You Didn’t Know Your Renters Insurance Covered.


Lots of folks in Dallas only have renters insurance because their apartment complex made them purchase it. However, if you are going to pay for something, you should know what it’s worth to you, so here are 5 things you didn’t know that your renters insurance covers.

1. Your Laptop when it’s stolen out of your car – or anything for that matter.  Most people think that if someone breaks into their car and steals their laptop, their CD’s, their GPS, or anything else that it will be covered by their auto insurance. WRONG! Anything not permanently attached to the car (like a radio or the seats) would not be covered on the auto policy.  Those things are covered by the “personal property off premise” clause of your renters policy, which is generally 10 percent of your total property coverage.

Who steals a seat?

2. You can cover for breakage of expensive things.  When you have something expensive, like jewelry, sporting goods, or even your rare Pez collection, you can schedule those things on your policy, and cover them against breakage.  This is especially worthwhile for people with expensive bicycles, because even if you crash it because you were looking at the ladies as you rode by, it would be covered (without being subject to deductibles) if it is a scheduled item on the policy.

I think I saw her knickers, guvnah!

3. Coverage against your dog being a jerk.  Say your dog gets out of your apartment and bites your neighbor – you would figure your insurance to cover you for that (and mostly they will) but say you just have a jerk dog who wrecks things. He likes to wreck things so much that he has wrecked everything in your apartment, so he leaps onto the neighbor’s patio and commences to doing what he loves. That’s your responsibility, and thankfully, your renters insurance covers that.

Lets go for a little ride, Fido.

4.  You can talk all of the trash about that girl down the hall that you want. In the dog scenario, you are directly responsible for physical damages you can see – but if you are accused of slander, that is also covered by your renters insurance.  I would suggest you talk less trash about her, but we all know who you are inside and I think I’d be wasting too many of my precious five hundred words if I did – so I’ll just suggest you raise your liability limits. (And maybe consider counseling.)

5. Medical payments to somoene that is injured on your property.  So you finally made up with the girl down the hall, invited her and a few other people over, and are having cocktails. Chet is slicing limes because he always declares himself bartender, even though he is really bad at it, and suddenly the coppery smell of blood is in the air – and your kitchen counter looks like an Incan altar after a sacrifice. No worries! Just trundle Chet off to the emergency room and let your insurance pick up the bill under the “Medical Payments” coverage on your policy. Most renters policies come with a minimum of $500 coverage, but if you know Chet, you should consider upping your coverage.

I'll just have a domestic beer, Chet.

If you take time to learn about renters insurance and what it covers, you will see that it does have a lot of value – aside from getting you into that sweet apartment and getting Dish installed. Take the time to look at what you are buying and see what sort of benefits you can reap from it. Talk to a good agent and spend your money wisely. And stop worrying about Chet, he will be fine.

5 Things You Need to Know About Renters Insurance

Do you rent an apartment or a house? Do you like your stuff? If your answer to both questions is “yes”, you need to know that the U.S. Department of Justice reports that a rented property is 79% more likely to be burglarized than an owned property. So why do only 43% of renters invest in a renters insurance policy? Why don’t you? I’d bet it’s because you don’t read blogs like this enough.

I'm taking your stuff, renter.

So why do people resist getting renters insurance (aside from an the irrational hatred that most people have for insurance companies)?

1. They think “I can’t afford a renters insurance policy”. Renters insurance is actually one of the most affordable types of insurance you can buy. A minimum coverage policy with $100,000 in liability insurance and $20,000 worth of coverage for your personal property can be had for less than a hundred dollars a year – less than $10 a month. I know you all spend that much on booze, at least.

But I just paid my renters insurance

2. I don’t have anything valuable, so I don’t need insurance. If this is true, why do you have locks? Even if you don’t think you have all that much, do me a favor and go to the store and price your favorite brand of underwear – then figure that if you have to replace EVERYTHING in your house, how many packages of underwear do you have to buy? Socks? Ed Hardy shirts? That stuff adds up quick, yo. If your place burned down, what would it cost just to replace your clothes alone? I’d be it’s more than you have in the bank right now – and certainly more than $10 a month.

Please don't replace this one.

3. My landlord’s insurance will cover my things. Oh really? Then why do you pay rent, if your landlord is so kindhearted? The landlord’s insurance covers HIS property – not yours. If someone breaks into your house and steals your TV and XBox, you will be watching shadow puppets and playing checkers if you wait for your landlord’s inurance to pay.

4. Renters insurance only covers my stuff, and despite what you say, I don’t care about it. That’s fair – if my argument above wasn’t compelling enough, then think about this; you and your friends are having a big party and Tommy falls off of the balcony. Tommy’s parents are going to sue somebody, and guess what – you are first on the list. Your renter’s insurance provides the liability coverage to protect you against that lawsuit, or the one brought against you by the neighbor that your little dog took a piece out of.

Back off my biscuits, man.

5. It takes too long to shop for a renters insurance policy. I know time is precious, but let’s face it – that’s just an easy excuse for you to avoid responsibility. All you need in order to get a renters insurance quote is a name, a birthday, and your address. It can take just a few minutes to get a simple renters quote, buy it, and protect your things – and yourself.

Then you can smoke in bed with no worries.