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So What Kind Of Car Can You Get a Specialty Insurance Policy For?

We meet quite a few people that have a “special” low mileage car that they keep for driving on the weekends, or because it was just the first car they bought new. There are essentially four different types of cars that can be written on a “specialty” collector car insurance policy – and these categories are the same whether you live in Texas, California, Arizona, New Mexico, Missouri, or anywhere else.

1. The Antique class car is at least 25 years old in original condition – or close. It can certainly be restored, but it must not be significantly altered from the stock configurantion. If it was fast to start with, and that is original to the vehicle, then it counts as an antique. A 1973 Mustang Mach 1 is in the same class as a 1981 Toyota Corona. One is cooler, but we won’t judge you for liking Mustangs.

Sweet Ride

2. The Modified Auto class is made up of cars that are at least 20 years old, or a replica of a car. These cars can be extensively changed from original, hot-rodded, customized, or made up of random parts you picked up off of the side of the road.

I bet this is loud - and far removed from stock.

3. The Classic car class consists of original unmodified vehicles that are “younger” at 15-24 years old. This is where you can place your fully restored 1988 Nissan Maxima that you drive on weekends to show off for the ladies. This car also needs ot be original and unmodified to fit this category.

Hey Ladies!

4. The Exotic Car class is a “newer” car, less than 14 years old. these cars are either luxury or performance automobiles, must be considered collectible to qualify, and must be appreciating in value. this would include cars like Vipers, Lamborginis, Ferraris, Corvettes, and so on.

This is not a Ferrari. It is an exotic though.

Remember that when you are trying to decide if your auto needs a “specialty” policy that you must have an every day car to drive. If you saved your pennies to buy the Corvette you have always wanted, I hope you kept your Neon to drive most of the time. Specialty auto policies are generally mileage limited, so you have to have something else to make a chicken soup run with. If you have a special car that you only drive on weekends, you really do owe it to yourself to look into a classic car policy – if you qualify, you can get a great policy for less than $200 a year. That is a full coverage policy with a zero deductible. That makes the Daihatsu you keep in the garage a whole different animal, doesn’t it?


Four Auto Insurance Coverages That You Might Not Know About.

It doesn’t matter if you are living in Dallas, TX, shopping for insurance in Kansas City, or finally buying your dream car in San Diego, CA, you are going to have to pay for car insurance if you are going to drive. Auto insurance companies sweeten the sting of having to pay premium by offering “extras” on their auto policies, often at a low price.

1. Many car insurance policies now offer roadside assistance. The only thing that used to be covered on your auto insurance was towing from the scene of an accident. Now the roadside assistance on your auto policy will send someone out to unlock your car, put a gallon of gas in if you run out (guilty), or even help you change a tire if you don’t want to break a nail. In fact, some companies offer free roadside assitance plans. Click below to get free roadside assistance for life through one of the companies we write through. No obligation, just free roadside assistance.

Infinity DriverClub®

This is what it looks like when you forget where you put your phone.

2. Your cell phone can be covered on your auto insurance. One of our companies offers an endorsement to cover your cellphone on your auto insurance policy. This protects your phone for up to $500 for theft (except from an unlocked car) breakage, or loss. The breakage part is important, becuase if you are like me, you have forgotten you dropped the phone in your lap and when you stand up to get out of the car it bounces off the parking lot.





3. Many car insurance policies now offer “new car replacement” coverage.So you splurged and bought the first new car of your life – that Fiat Abarth you have always wanted, or the Taurus you dreamed about as a kid – whatever. Some companies will replace your car with a new make and model of the same car if yours is totaled or stolen within the first three years of ownership. Generally that is the time you are upside down in your loan, so it’s great to not have to settle for something else because your car has depreciated. Wreck your 2012 Fiat and end up with a brand new 2013 in the dirveway. That is pretty nice.

That is just a cool little car.

4. Protection from auto accidents even when you are not in your car. Personal injury protection is coverage for your medical bills and lost wages if you are in an accident with a motor vehicle. That coverage is there if you are driving your car, walking across a parking lot, or pedaling your bicycle down some beautiful two lane country road. PIP is usually pretty cheap, often less than $10 a month. The fact that it covers you in any accident with a vehicle can make it a very valubale coverage on an auto insurance policy.

I hope he sticks the landing.

As you can see, there are lots of coverages available to you on an auto insurance policy than just what it takes to make you legal to drive. While you have to pay your auto insuance bill, some companies make that pill easier to swallow by giving you much more protection than you expect. Call and talk to an agent today, and see what sort of options you have when it comes to your car insurance. .