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Commercial Insurance Help For Starting Your Business.      


I can see it now, like a movie scene; you are here in the big city for the first time, battered suitcase at your feet, and you want to start your first small business. It may be a food truck, or a drycleaner, or a coaching firm, or even a contractor business. Do you know what all small business dreams have in common? A need for commercial insurance. Too many times we hear from people who have started their Dallas business and don’t buy commercial insurance until it’s too late. There is a lot of risk starting a new business someplace like Dallas. Commercial insurance will protect your business(and lifestyle) should things go south.

What kind of commercial insurance do you need?

Obviously there are many different business ideas, and commercial insurance is different for each one (sometimes cities like Dallas have their own commercial insurance regulations as well). So where do you start? I’ll do my best to give you some basic understanding of your small business insurance needs and potential liabilities on a broad scale.  Don’t be limited to this blog’s answers though – pick up the phone and call us at 214-253-0570 today. We would be more than happy to be your commercial insurance consultants, free of charge.

The first type of commercial insurance to consider is commercial auto insurance. Dallas is a big city, and growing every day. Whether you are in construction, or in delivery, or even an Uber or Lyft. Commercial auto insurance will protect you should an accident happen in the course of doing your job. Uber or Lyft insurance is still going to be written on a personal auto insurance policy, but not all companies will provide that c

If your car wears a pink mustache, you need the right kind of insurance.
If your car wears a pink mustache, you need the right kind of insurance.

overage, so it pays to call an expert to find out. When it comes to commercial auto insurance, if you use your vehicle in the course of your business, or if it is covered with your company’s logo and phone number, you need a commercial auto policy.

The second type of insurance to consider when you have your own business is general liability insurance. General Liability insurance is important because it protects you against being sued (or protects you against having to come out of your pocket if you are). General liability insurance looks a little different for every small business, but the principle is the same: it will protect you up to the limits you choose. Here is an example; you are a painter, and your client accuses you of ruining her floor in the course of doing your job. You know this isn’t true but offer to fix it for her. She refuses and sues you, which you must defend, right or wrong.  If you have commercial general liability insurance, this becomes an annoyance rather than a complete disaster to your business and your life.

Join us for our next installment, when we will discuss inland marine insurance, workers compensation insurance, and more. Starting your own business is a challenging, exciting time. You can’t be expected to be an expert in every aspect, because when you are first starting out, you don’t know what you don’t know. Here at The Phoenix Insurance we are Dallas’ Commercial Insurance experts, and would be happy to help you get your small business started right. Give us a call today at 877-717-4054

Frequently Asked Questions About Independent Insurance Agents

Independent Insurance Agents are your best bet for finding low insurance rates; whether you are near our Dallas World Headquarters or anywhere else, when you are shopping for home insurance or auto insurance your first call should be to an independent insurance agency. These are some questions that we are asked over and over, and they should help you understand why an independent insurance agent is the best way to get the lowest insurance rate with the best coverage. 

  1. What is an independent insurance agency?
  • An independent insurance agency is appointed with multiple insurance carriers and can shop multiple insurance companies in order to find the best insurance prices.


  1. Who does the independent insurance agent work for?
  • The independent insurance agent works for their clients; they are not beholden to any one insurance company so they are able to cast a critical eye on your insurance policy, and ensure that you get the right coverage at a great price.


  1. What kind of insurance companies does an independent insurance agent write with?
  • Independent agencies are appointed with many insurance companies; Metlife Insurance, Safeco Insurance, Kemper Insurance, Traveler’s Insurance, Encompass Insurance, and many more.


  1. Why are insurance rates cheaper at an independent insurance agency?
  • Insurance is a competitive market, and insurance companies are always tweaking their rates to find the perfect balance. Independent insurance agents understand this, and because they are appointed with multiple companies they have a broader understanding of insurance rates and can take advantage of changes in the market for their clients.


  1. Why don’t I see commercials for the insurance companies independent insurance agents are appointed with?
  • Commercial time is expensive, and insurance companies that have big flashy commercials have to pay for that somehow. Independent insurance companies pass those savings on to their insurance clients.


  1. Are independent insurance agents more knowledgeable about insurance in general?
  • Independent insurance agents must be well versed in multiple insurance companies products. Each home insurance or auto insurance policy is a little different though each company. Independent insurance agent must understand those differences, and help their clients find the best price insurance.  

The Not At All Annual Phoenix Insurance Holiday Gift Giving Guide 2016 (Part Two)

I feel like I did pretty well writing about insurance related gifts in the first installment of The Not At All Annual Phoenix Insurance Holiday Gift Giving Guide 2016. I also did a really good job of researching that first blog for gifts, and I ended up with enough to do a part two. As the great Jerry Reed once said, “when you’re hot you’re hot” , and I am about as hot as I am going to get at doing this task for our independent insurance agency. As I look out of the window here at our Dallas World Headquarters, the weather is beautiful, and the boss is buying lunch for our office, and promises to unchain me from the blogging table as soon as I write a few more blogs about home insurance, and auto insurance.

Buckle up, buttercup; here are more of the best gifts for 2016 that might just help to keep your auto insurance and home insurance rates down.


  1. Vino To Go Double Wall Acrylic Tumbler. $10.79 for two.


Put white grape juice in and let the kids use them in public!
Put white grape juice in and let the kids use them in public!


So I know it says “to go”, but I am legally bound as an insurance man to say that you shouldn’t use these for “to go” wine situations, unless you are just a passenger. I think they are a great gift for your friend who has a white carpet but loves red wine. There are lots of home insurance policies that cover “all risks”, including a red wine stain on the white carpet. Obviously, avoiding making a claim for a red wine stain will keep your friend’s house insurance rates down, which is a wonderful gift for you to give. As a bonus, there will be broken glass should they refill too many times and fall down.  I think it was Ben Franklin who said, “A plastic tumbler that looks like a wine glass keeps the liability insurance claims away!”

Buy Here! 


  1. D-Link Wifi Water Sensor $59.99


I'm actually buying myself one of these when I finish this post.
I’m actually buying myself one of these when I finish this post.

Like the Nest smoke detector we talked about last time, this is one of those fancy new “connected home” devices. This one will alert you via an app on your phone if you have sudden water rising problems, and are not at home.  Inevitably, that’s when you are going to have flooding problems, and guess what – flooding absolutely ruins your home insurance rates. If you can find out immediately, you have a better change of limiting damage to your home, bumping that water damage insurance claim up, and washing away your home insurance savings. (See what I did there?)

Buy Here! 


  1. CellControl Drive ID $129.00


this is a super neat gadget as well.
this is a super neat gadget as well.


This neat gadget is a “jammer” of sorts for your teen’s (or your own) cellphone that keeps you from texting while your car is moving. I can about guarantee that your teen won’t see this as a gift, but hey, they also don’t really understand that life is a gift, am I right? Texting is a big problem while driving; look around sometime.  2/3rd of drivers are out there driving distracted, paying attention to their phones rather than piloting their 3000 pound death machine. Obviously not having a car accident will keep your auto insurance rates down, and keeping your  17 year old from killing people while he texts  his buddy an “LOL” at the dank meme he sent will keep you from having a liability insurance claim on your record. Win/Win.



  1. Fire Resistant 8 Gun Safe. As low as $349.00


Lock your stuff up. It just makes it safer.
Lock your stuff up. It just makes it safer.

Sure, this is a gift for the gun lover in your life; but it’s also a gift for anyone who has things to protect. The little personal sized fire safes are all well and good, but they are small, and don’t hold much. This safe will resist fire, can bolt to the floor,  and hold lots of things – so it’s actually three gifts in one. It protects your stuff in general, and it protects you from making a theft claim on your homeowners insurance, as well as making an inflated fire claim on your house insurance. (I know they are the same thing, but hey, this is an insurance blog, so deal with my keywording, will you? )

Buy Here! 



There you have it: lots of gifts you can buy that have the potential to keep the recipients paying the lowest rate for their auto insurance, home insurance, and even their liability insurance.  Now the big question is “how can I afford to buy these gifts? “. There are a couple of answers to this question, and the first is that love has no price tag. The second answer is for you to call us today for an car insurance or home insurance (or even an insurance package) quote today. Our licensed advisers will make the process simple, and you will wonder why you haven’t given yourself the gift of great insurance service until today.

Have a happy holiday season from all of us here at The Phoenix Insurance.  

The Not At All Annual Phoenix Insurance Holiday Gift Giving Guide 2016               

Every year I try to challenge myself by writing an insurance blog that is somehow holiday themed. I have succeeded in the past (see here and here) and sometimes fallen very flat. However, only history can really judge what we do today, so it’ll be a few years before I declare the “Not At All Annual Phoenix Insurance Holiday Gift Giving Guide” a success – or conveniently forget that it exists.

I love gift guides, because after a while, they become even more interesting than they were when they were newly written. What were the people of 2013 thinking? What did they think was “cool”, but in retrospect was awful and exploded in your pocket or worse? Hopefully this insurance themed gift guide will stand that same test of time. I assembled things that will help you protect yourself and your loved ones and your possessions (and by extension your home insurance rates).

Without further ado, here is some stuff you can buy.


  1. Kidde Multi Use Fire Extinguisher. $19.99                                                                      


Looks like a sportscar, right? I dig it.
Looks like a sportscar, right? I dig it.

Do you have a fire extinguisher in your house? How old is it? If you don’t know, it might not be any good anymore, so get your wife one for Christmas. No, it’s not a diamond ring, but it is a handy way to prevent your house form burning down, which is a pretty nice thing. It’s a beautiful shade of red, is compact (so it’ll fit in a stocking) , and once again, it’ll prevent you from losing everything in a fire.  Fire claims raise your home insurance rates a lot.

Buy Here


  1. Master Lock Dual Function Security Bar. $19.98

This is a nice bar.

This is a nice bar.

I like this item because it has multiple uses, which always makes something better in my opinion. This is a great gift for anyone who owns a door – or who is responsible for controlling access to one. The security bar can be used to lock hinged doors, as well as locking your sliding glass door. Sure, you have locks on those doors (at least I presume you do) but this gives you an extra layer of protection, especially on your sliding glass door – the locks on those things are ridiculous. As a bonus, you can bring your master lock security bar on the road if you are a traveler, and keep people out of your hotel room. Theft claims can also make your house insurance skyrocket.

Buy Here


  1. Kidde 13 Foot Fire Escape Ladder $34.97


Not the sexiest gift, pound for pound, unless you consider escaping a fiery death "Sexy".
Not the sexiest gift, pound for pound, unless you consider escaping a fiery death “Sexy”.

This ladder is a great gift for the person who owns a two story home. The safety ladder is more of a personal safety item, and less of a way to keep your premiums down. However, all kidding aside, this is really an item you need to own, along with a plan for using it should there be a fire. If you don’t have one, ask for one for Hanukkah, unless you are a teenager, in which case no one is buying that you are asking  for an escape ladder so you can be safe in a fire.

Buy Here


  1. Nest Protect Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm $99


This smoke detector is really a marvel of the modern age.
This smoke detector is really a marvel of the modern age.

This is a great gift for that friend who smokes in bed, or anyone really, except people who do not have homes. The Nest Protect is a “smart” smoke detector and carbon monoxide alarm that will talk to you rather than just screeching at you, will send you messages, and will even work as a light in a dark hallway. I have one in my home, and it’s awesome – it actually works with my Nest thermostat somehow, though I’m not clear on exactly what they talk about.  It does communicate with me very well via my phone, so if a fire happens while I am chained to the blogging table here at the office, I’ll get a message and be able to call 911 and save my home, therefore incurring less damage, and keeping my home insurance premiums down.

Buy Here

It looks like this insurance gift guide has turned out way better than I thought; as I type word 684, I have come to the realization that I have a few more gifts to share with you, so tune in in a couple of days to check out the rest of The Not At All Annual Phoenix Insurance Holiday Gift Giving Guide 2016.

Smokers Pay More For Their Life Insurance.

Everyone knows it, right? Smokers pay more money for their life insurance.  Does it really make that much of a difference? Of course it does. The likelihood of dying makes life insurance a pretty bad risk – and that likelihood is pretty high.  According to the CDC, Cigarette smoking is responsible for more than 480,000 deaths per year in the United States, including nearly 42,000 deaths resulting from secondhand smoke exposure. This is about one in five deaths annually, or 1,300 deaths every day. On average, smokers die 10 years earlier than nonsmokers. Those are pretty bad odds for an insurance company, thus the increased cost of life insurance. We’ll get to that in a bit, though.

This isn't the best way to quit.
This isn’t the best way to quit.

According to the American Cancer Society, about 40 million Americans still smoke cigarettes. Using tobacco is the largest cause of preventable premature death in the world – while the use of cigarettes has dropped (from 42% in 1965 to 16.8% in 2014), there are plenty of other ways to take in tobacco, and all are more dangerous than NOT taking in tobacco.

Quitting smoking has many benefits but can be hard. Research shows that using support groups and counseling can greatly improve your chances of quitting – and surprisingly that going cold turkey actually increases the “stickiness” of the quit. Most smokers quit several times for varying lengths of time before they actually cease all use, but according to, cold turkey seems to be the most successful method,

“ In a 2007 study published in Nicotine and Tobacco Research, researchers interviewed more than 8,000 adult smokers from four countries attempting to quit the cigarette habit. Participants were contacted at three separate intervals to see how their quitting methods had worked out. The researchers then compared success rates of smokers who were trying the cold turkey approach with those who were employing other methods.

The study found that 68.5 percent of the smokers made an attempt to quit using the cold turkey method, and of those, 22 percent succeeded after the second contact with researchers and 27 percent succeeded after the third contact. Among people using the cut down method, in which a person smokes successively fewer cigarettes before abstaining completely, only 12 percent and 16 percent, respectively, were successful.”

We human beings are snowflakes though, and cold turkey may not work for you – so try one of the many other cessation methods out there because it will do more than lower your life insurance rates; it will save you money, time, and give you many more years with your families.

So what does this have to do with Life Insurance? A smoker can pay substantially more premium for their policy than a non-smoker. Here is an example: a 40 year old male who is healthy and does not smoke can qualify for the best ratings Life Insurance companies have to offer. A  40 year old smoker can only qualify for a higher smokers rate. For example a $100,000 20 year term policy for the non-smoker is around $130.00 annually. However a 40 year old male smoker will pay around $271.00 annually for the same policy. That’s more than double the premium for the smoker. Over 20 years this adds up to $2,820.00 in additional premium that the smoker will have to pay for the same coverage. The bottom line is it pays not to smoke.

Here are some resources to help you stop smoking.





Service Like It Used To Be

Service like it used to be.

You check yourself out at the grocery store; you at least bag your own groceries. You check yourself in at the airport at a kiosk.  You get your own drinks at fast food joints. You pump your own gas. You even have to get your own shoes off of the wall at sporting goods stores.  Things weren’t always this way.

This is what grocery stores used to look like. We loved the color yellow back in the old days.
This is what grocery stores used to look like. We loved the color yellow back in the old days.

You probably don’t remember, but there was a time when people had professionals the counted on to be experts in their field; retirement planners, Insurance agents, travel agents, even bankers. Sadly, those days seem to be long gone in many fields, unless you have a lot of money to invest or spend – except in one remaining industry; insurance. Specifically, the kind of insurance we do here in our Dallas headquarters; auto insurance and home insurance.


I’m sure we all see the commercials, “Call or go online today to get your home insurance quote” or go online for your fast and free auto insurance quote.” They practically shout at you that IT SHOULD BE CHEAP!.  Do you know what makes it cheap? There are no insurance agents. These companies count on you to do the job of a licensed insurance agent and choose the proper coverage for yourself without the guidance of an experienced professional.

Usually cheap insurance is advertised by cartoon characters.
Usually cheap insurance is advertised by cartoon characters.


I can tell you that when that happens we see awful coverage, because car insurance and home insurance aren’t best approached as a commodity that must be as cheap as possible. When it comes to auto insurance or house insurance the guidance of a professional insurance agent will help you get the best insurance value, with the lowest possible premium.


Inexpensive insurance is different from cheap insurance though; inexpensive insurance can properly cover your assets. Cheap insurance usually covers the over driver better than they cover their own insurance clients.


Why? When you work with a licensed independent insurance agent (like we are here at The Phoenix Insurance) you get a lot for your money. Our agents are trained to get you the best insurance value for your dollar. Since we are independent insurance agents, we have the ability to look at your needs with a different perspective than most. We make sure that you pay the least amount of money you have to  for your home insurance, and your car insurance, and even for your umbrella insurance. When we shop multiple companies for our insurance clients, we try to find the best fit for them. Every company has a client that they give the absolute lowest insurance rates to, and we are able to find that company for our auto insurance and home insurance clients over and over.

The best part? We do it painlessly. Our reviews show it. We believe that when you buy car insurance or home insurance that it should be easy; that’s why you hired a professional. Every step of the way, from your initial quote to cancellation of your old insurance is handled by our staff to make the process as easy as possible for our clients. We are insurance advisers. We don’t sell anything.


Give us a call today and find out what service used to be. We’ll spoil you for anyone else.

We Have Our first Celebrity Endorser!

This is exciting news for us.

For Immediate Release:

DALLAS – Oct. 3, 2016: Butch Patrick, Television’s Eddie Munster, has signed on as The Phoenix Insurance’s celebrity spokesman. The Phoenix Insurance is the Southwest’s premiere independent collector car insurance agency. Mr. Patrick owns the Munster’s Koach and Dragula, both of which are insured by The Phoenix Insurance. Mr. Patrick spends most of the year on the road with his two famous custom cars, meeting and greeting fans at hot rod events and conventions.

“It just feels like a great fit for me. The guys at The Phoenix Insurance really worked hard to make sure that my custom cars were insured properly, without any pain. It was the easiest insurance transaction I’ve ever had. I’m looking forward to telling everyone about these guys. Talk to my agent!”

The Phoenix Insurance is excited to be working with Butch Patrick, and even more excited to insure his one of a kind iconic cars. Mr. Patrick and the Munster’s Koach and Dragula are currently “in residence” for the month of October at Fable’s Fright Nights Haunted Amusement Park in East Dundee, IL.

The Phoenix Insurance is an independent insurance agency specializing in classic car insurance, custom car insurance, and exotic car insurance.

5 Things You Need To Do If You Have A Car Accident

It happened again; One of my Dallas friends who is also an auto insurance client called me late last night, frantic, asking how being involved in an auto accident was going to effect his car insurance rates. As usual, I asked if he had the other party’s insurance info, and as usual, the answer was “the police officer got it”. I will answer his question here first; in general, an accident is not going to have an immediate effect on your car insurance rates. You have insurance to protect against the financial hardship an auto accident can bring, so don’t worry about a minor fender bender. It may be emotionally draining, but it shouldn’t be a financial hardship – that’s why you have insurance.

Now for the important part of this blog post. What do you need to do if you have had an accident. All of these steps are if no one is hurt. Obviously tend to people first.

  1. Pull off of the road if at all possible.  This is the first thing you should do. If both of your cars can move, pull out of traffic to exchange information. It’s safer than sitting in traffic trying to have a conversation, and has less of an impact on traffic.  How many times have you sat in 20 extra minutes of traffic because two people got into an accident and were busy chatting and trading information while rush hour traffic snarled up around them? Don’t be that guy.
  2. YOU get the other driver’s Information. This is the big one – most people I talk to say “well, the police got their car insurance information and put it on the report.” That’s no good, because the information may not be correct, and also, you don’t get a copy of that police report immediately. It may take a week for the report to be availaible to you so you can start the calims process with the other insured’s company. MAke sure you take a photo of their ID card, their DL, and their car.
  3. If at all possible, call the claim in to their company immediately. Why wait? If you let the other driver drive away from a car accident, memories fade, and the whole idea of whose fault it is starts to shift. When you call the insurance company 2 days after an accident, suddenly the driver who was saying “I’m so sorry, it’s my fault” at the scene of an accident is pretty sure that this was all your fault, and that there is no way their company is paying.
  4. Don’t count on them paying to fix your car out of pocket. This happens a lot; people don’t want to “get their insurance involved” and offer to pay to fix your car on their own. This rarely works out well, but if you are inclined to give it a shot,get their car insurance information first. In my experience, the repair cost is always higher than they can affor or understand, and you end up going through insurance anyway. Save yourself some hassle and just get the insurance information anyway.
  5. If there are any witnesses, YOU gather their information. People rarely stop for a minor fender bender, but if there are any witnesses, get their information yourself. Your auto insurance company is going to want that info, and once again, if it is locked up or incorrect on the police report, then having a witness is of zero value to you. Get their name and phone number, and if you can, even record their statement to submit to your insurance company. Have them state their name, telephoine number, and the current date and time at the beginning f your recording.

These are the basic things you should do in the event of an auto accident to make sure you have all of the information nescessary to ensure an good outcome with the insurance companies. In addition to having all of this information, you should take a few minutes to go over your insurance once a year to ensure that you are protected correctly, and that you are not missing any coverage on your auto insurance. At The Phoenix Insurance we actively check your policy every year at renewal and ensure that you are not paying any more for your auto insurance than you need to – and that lower cost doesn’t mean lower protection.



Six Things to Know When You Are Moving to Dallas

So your company has seen the light and has decided to relocate to Dallas, Texas. Welcome! We are very friendly people here, and in that spirit, I’d like to give you some things to know as you move to Dallas from wherever it is you are coming from.

1. The people here are very friendly. It’s unnerving to some arrivals from different places, because many people are not as open and willing to talk as your standard North Texan. In line at the bank, at Whataburger (something else you need to learn about) and just about anywhere. To paraphrase Hank Williams Jr., “We say grace, and we say Ma’am” here in Dallas, despite being such a big, cosmopolitan city. Texans are nice people, and Dallasites seem to be the nicest of the group.

Pickup trucks are a thing too.
Pickup trucks are a thing too.

2. “Dallas” can mean a lot of places.  The city limits of the city of Dallas stretch quite a ways, but as we continue to grow, the boundaries of the city really become blurs – there are houses and neighborhoods stretching all the way from Desoto in the South nearly up to Mckinney in the north. We have hip places both in and outside city limits, vast stretches of houses and apartments; any way you like to live can be accomplished in the Dallas area. Be assured that you are not moving here alone – nearly 1000 people a day move to Texas, and quite a few of them land here in the metroplex.

Dallas is a big place.
Dallas is a big place.

3. Traffic is a thing here in Dallas. I remember the days when they first finished construction on Central Epressway, and traffic flowed like a river. Then those thousand people a day started moving in, and roads got considerably more crowded. If traffic is moving fast, then be ready to battle your way where you need to go, and if it’s moving slow, it is stopped. That’s on the highways though – most people who commute in Dallas have several “back routes” to work that help them avoid traffic. We used to plan 30 minutes to get anywhere; now it’s more like 45.  When you add in the constant construction, it looks like no matter what, traffic is here to stay.

Oh yeah, construction doesnt help.
This photo was taken at 10 am.

4. Insurance is expensive in Dallas. Back in 2014, Dallas had the 13th highest auto insurance rates in the nation.  I couldn’t find a more recent list, but I assume that we have made our way up on the list. We have been selling insurance for many years in the Dallas area, and prices certainly aren’t going down, and prices are always a shock when people move here. Home insurance is also pricey, mostly because we have pretty damaging hail storms in the spring and tornados in the winter. That being said, even if the rates are higher, the cost of living in Dallas is well below the national average, so it works out. The best way to pay the least for insurance is to contact an independent agent – hopefully The Phoenix Insurance, as we are the highest rated agency by customers in Dallas.

5. Speaking of living, we do it. It’s not all rodeos here. Nightlife, street tacos, patio afternoons, theme parks, botanical gardens, zoos, art  – if you want it, it’s here. We are home to many funky neighborhoods where you can get artisinal foods, trails where you can take a jog and have a pit stop for a beer, and shopping centers where you can buy your Prada and Gucci. We are dog friendly at most places, so bring them by when you get lunch on a patio on a Sunday afternoon. Go have a spa day, or just take in a game at one of the many major and minor league sports teams in the area. on top of all the things that are always happening, we are lucky enough to have Epic Jared in town – who does things like throw the worlds largest Nerf battle at AT&T Stadium. There is always something cool going on around here, despite the hot weather.

This was the scene at Jareds Nerf Battle at Cowboys Stadium.
This was the scene at Jareds Nerf Battle at Cowboys Stadium.

6. It is hot here. For a while. Generally, starting toward the end of June, someone starts to dial up the thermostat and doesn’t turn it back down until mid October or early September. I don’t know the difference between “dry heat” and what we have, but it’s awful. It’s ok though, because everything everywhere is air conditioned. We spend time in our cars and buildings once the heat turns on, and in the pool, though it’s not really that refreshing when the water is 85 degrees from the sun. (Here is a side piece of advice – always make freinds with your neighbors that have pools.) We tough the heat out though, because fall is awesome, and spring sometimes lasts long enough to fool us into thinking we won’t have a bad summer.

They are still refreshing, even if warm.
They are still refreshing, even if warm.

I am really just scratching the surface of things you need to know to relocate to the Dallas area, but to sum it all up, Dallas is an awesome place to be, and we are happy to have you. Go grab a gas station Taco and take it to the park we built on top of the highway, and just revel in being a Dallasite – you made it!

Now is the time to shop your home and auto insurance if you live in North Texas.

If you are reading this article, odds are you live in the North Texas area. If you live in the North Texas area, you know that we have had significant storms in the area since December 26 of 2015. One tornado, two bad hail storms, and as of this writing, who knows what comes next.


A photo of hailstones from the first storm in the Dallas area in 2016.
A photo of hailstones from the first storm in the Dallas area in 2016.                      Photo credit: RC Graphic Designs.

So you are going to pay more for insurance. Everyone in the area is going to pay more for their home and auto insurance. All of the major companies have paid out enough in claims that they will have to raise rates (or as we say in the biz, “take rate”) over the next year. This isn’t great, obviously, but it presents an opportunity for you as a consumer. If you shop your home and auto insurance with an agency like us right now, you can lock in the lower rates that we can most likely find you, and you can lock them in for a year. That means that when your current company raises rates, it won’t affect you, and if/ when the new company rates go up, it won’t be until your renewal, which would be a year away if you buy today.

If you have not shopped your home and auto insurance for a long time, it will be harder to find a great deal if you wait until your current company raises your rates. Insurance companies don’t change rate mid policy, but they do at renewal. We represent so many different companies, it’s hard for us not to save someone coming from a Farmer’s or a State Farm insurance policy a good amount of money. Just yesterday we saved a former Farmer’s insurance client $4000 a year. That’s not the typical amount of savings, but it does happen.

Why not give us a call today and make sure you are in the right spot?  As insurance agents we are knowledgeable and honest. We would love it if you bought insurance from us, but we love it just as much when we find that you have a good deal and a good policy. It doesn’t happen often, but when it does, we always advise with the customer’s needs in mind – not our need to sell a policy.

Even if you didn’t make a claim, these storms will end up raising your rates. We can offer you a chance to pay less than you are now, AND insulate yourself against rising insurance rates in the Dallas area. Don’t you deserve to have the best insurance agent in Dallas? We think you do. Try us today by calling us at  877-717-4054.