Auto Insurance

Some cars are just different – built for speed and performance, each one with its own different style of “go-fast”. Whether it’s your all carbon fiber McLaren or a brand new Bentley GT, we can protect your fast car with the sort of service and guidance that you need when navigating exotic car insurance.

Agreed Value Coverage: A standard auto policy covers your vehicle for “actual cash value” coverage. We have several companies that write agreed value policies for exotic cars – from $9000 to $900,000 and beyond, we can get you the agreed value coverage you need.


Choice of deductible:  Any deductible you want, from $0 to $5000 is available. Whether you have a single car you drive on sunny days or a fleet of fine Italian automobiles that get dusted once a week, we can get you the deductible you are looking for.


Different mileage plans available.  Want to drive your car? Want to spend Sundays polishing it with a diaper? We have several mileage options available for you to choose from. Low mileage or high mileage, we can make sure you pay only for what you use – not for a lump of miles that you will ever use.


Roadside assistance: Roadside assistance coverage is available without charge on most exotic auto policies, so you can drive without worry. Should something happen on your weekend jaunt to the mountains, trip interruption is even available on some policies, so your vacation isn’t ruined.