Classic Auto

Every classic and custom car is a little bit different, reflecting the varying tastes and aesthetic of their owners. Classic auto insurance is the same; whether you are a collector with a hundred cars, or just starting your first project in the garage, we have you covered. With several companies to choose from,  you will be pleased with the coverage options available to you.

Agreed value coverage: Agreed value guarantees that at the time of loss, you won’t be negotiating your car’s value. We know our vehicles well enough that often no appraisal is necessary, just a few photographs. If you have an investment grade vehicle, we are more than happy to re-evaluate the insurance after the big auctions every year to ensure that you are protected.

Choice of deductible:  From zero dollar deductibles to blanket coverage with a single deductible, we have multiple options to ensure that your policy matches your needs.  Most policies offer a zero dollar deductible standard, but some companies offer deductibles in return for a reduced premium.

Towing and roadside assistance: Here at The Phoenix, we like to drive our cars – and we think you should too, and not worry about being breakdowns. Most policies offer towing and roadside assistance, and some even offer “trip interruption” coverage, so if the part you need takes a while to arrive, the insurance company puts you up for a while.

Many different mileage options: We have many options when it comes to mileage plans on your classic and custom insurance.  Everything from zero mileage show or display only cars to unlimited miles so you can visit every show on the West Coast – it’s up to you. Tell our agents how you use your classic car, and we will find you the right kind of policy, one that doesn’t sacrifice coverage.