Race Car Insurance

If you have a dedicated race car, whether for track, strip, or even off road use, you do have race car coverage available to you. If your car is built for speed, we have options to protect your investment. We can’t cover you when you are racing, but we can cover you everywhere else.


Paddock Coverage: When your car is on a trailer at the track, it’s still subject to loss. Cover your car while it’s moving around in the pits with a Paddock policy, and protect yourself from financial tragedy.


Trailer Coverage: When you are on the way to the race, your car is subject to theft, fire, and the foolishness of others. Trailer and paddock coverage protect your car against accidents when it’s not moving under its own power.

Theft insurance.  Who doesn’t want a racecar? Lots of people who can’t afford them want them, that’s for sure, and theft of dedicated race vehicles is a real threat. Cover the car while it’s in storage or waiting at your hotel for tomorrow’s race.

Spare parts coverage:  As a racer, you buy parts when and where you can, and save them for a rainy day. Most policies have spare coverage as an option, in case your stuff grows legs and walks away.