Cargo Insurance

Our great country was built on the ability to move goods quickly from one place to another. As Commercial Insurance experts, we write our fair share of cargo insurance to protect the backbone of this great country’s freight management system.  If you make your living hauling things for other people, then it pays to deal with The Phoenix to ensure you (and your cargo) are properly protected.

Multiple discounts available – Ten percent discount for paying in full. 5% discount for having an underlying General Liability Policy. 10% package discounts. Our commercial experts will make sure that you get every discount you are qualified to receive.

Combined Deductibles – If you have your truck and cargo covered on the same policy, you only have to pay one deductible at time of loss. This lowers the money you are out of pocket for a fire, or a theft, or even an accident.

 Refrigeration Breakdown – , if you are hauling cold items, this coverage provides legal liability protection for direct physical loss to covered property caused by spoilage or change in temperature resulting directly from the sudden and accidental breakdown of refrigeration or heating units on an insured vehicle.

Trailer Interchange – This endorsement covers physical damage to any nonowned trailer while in the care, custody or control of the insured. So if you make your living using your tractor to haul other people’s trailers, this policy protects you should something happen to someone else’s truck.