Commercial Auto

If you are using your auto in your business, you need commercial auto insurance. Whether it’s a fleet of construction pickups, a tractor trailer hotshot business, or just a sedan you use to run around town, you need to make sure your vehicles are covered on commercial auto insurance policies.


High Limits of Liability – Everyone knows that all businesses are worth millions, right? Well, that’s certainly what people think if they are involved in a minor fender bender with a commercial vehicle. Commercial liability limits are much higher than personal liability limits – and that’s what you need if something happens on the streets. We live in an increasingly litigious society. Make sure you are protected.


Rental Reimbursement Coverage – if you are relying on your vehicles to do your business, you can’t lose a part of your fleet if something happens. With rental reimbursement on your commercial auto policy, you have the assurance that business can go on as usual, no matter what.


Comprehensive only coverage – If your business stores its vehicles during an “off season” or simply parks them for extended periods of time until needed, you can still protect them from theft, fire, and other hazards, and pay as little as possible while doing so.


Multiple discounts available – Discounts galore – ten percent discount for paying in full. Five Percent discount for having an underlying General Liability Policy. 10% package discounts. Our commercial experts will make sure that you get every discount you are qualified to receive.