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Six Things to Know When You Are Moving to Dallas

So your company has seen the light and has decided to relocate to Dallas, Texas. Welcome! We are very friendly people here, and in that spirit, I’d like to give you some things to know as you move to Dallas from wherever it is you are coming from.

1. The people here are very friendly. It’s unnerving to some arrivals from different places, because many people are not as open and willing to talk as your standard North Texan. In line at the bank, at Whataburger (something else you need to learn about) and just about anywhere. To paraphrase Hank Williams Jr., “We say grace, and we say Ma’am” here in Dallas, despite being such a big, cosmopolitan city. Texans are nice people, and Dallasites seem to be the nicest of the group.

Pickup trucks are a thing too.
Pickup trucks are a thing too.

2. “Dallas” can mean a lot of places.  The city limits of the city of Dallas stretch quite a ways, but as we continue to grow, the boundaries of the city really become blurs – there are houses and neighborhoods stretching all the way from Desoto in the South nearly up to Mckinney in the north. We have hip places both in and outside city limits, vast stretches of houses and apartments; any way you like to live can be accomplished in the Dallas area. Be assured that you are not moving here alone – nearly 1000 people a day move to Texas, and quite a few of them land here in the metroplex.

Dallas is a big place.
Dallas is a big place.

3. Traffic is a thing here in Dallas. I remember the days when they first finished construction on Central Epressway, and traffic flowed like a river. Then those thousand people a day started moving in, and roads got considerably more crowded. If traffic is moving fast, then be ready to battle your way where you need to go, and if it’s moving slow, it is stopped. That’s on the highways though – most people who commute in Dallas have several “back routes” to work that help them avoid traffic. We used to plan 30 minutes to get anywhere; now it’s more like 45.  When you add in the constant construction, it looks like no matter what, traffic is here to stay.

Oh yeah, construction doesnt help.
This photo was taken at 10 am.

4. Insurance is expensive in Dallas. Back in 2014, Dallas had the 13th highest auto insurance rates in the nation.  I couldn’t find a more recent list, but I assume that we have made our way up on the list. We have been selling insurance for many years in the Dallas area, and prices certainly aren’t going down, and prices are always a shock when people move here. Home insurance is also pricey, mostly because we have pretty damaging hail storms in the spring and tornados in the winter. That being said, even if the rates are higher, the cost of living in Dallas is well below the national average, so it works out. The best way to pay the least for insurance is to contact an independent agent – hopefully The Phoenix Insurance, as we are the highest rated agency by customers in Dallas.

5. Speaking of living, we do it. It’s not all rodeos here. Nightlife, street tacos, patio afternoons, theme parks, botanical gardens, zoos, art  – if you want it, it’s here. We are home to many funky neighborhoods where you can get artisinal foods, trails where you can take a jog and have a pit stop for a beer, and shopping centers where you can buy your Prada and Gucci. We are dog friendly at most places, so bring them by when you get lunch on a patio on a Sunday afternoon. Go have a spa day, or just take in a game at one of the many major and minor league sports teams in the area. on top of all the things that are always happening, we are lucky enough to have Epic Jared in town – who does things like throw the worlds largest Nerf battle at AT&T Stadium. There is always something cool going on around here, despite the hot weather.

This was the scene at Jareds Nerf Battle at Cowboys Stadium.
This was the scene at Jareds Nerf Battle at Cowboys Stadium.

6. It is hot here. For a while. Generally, starting toward the end of June, someone starts to dial up the thermostat and doesn’t turn it back down until mid October or early September. I don’t know the difference between “dry heat” and what we have, but it’s awful. It’s ok though, because everything everywhere is air conditioned. We spend time in our cars and buildings once the heat turns on, and in the pool, though it’s not really that refreshing when the water is 85 degrees from the sun. (Here is a side piece of advice – always make freinds with your neighbors that have pools.) We tough the heat out though, because fall is awesome, and spring sometimes lasts long enough to fool us into thinking we won’t have a bad summer.

They are still refreshing, even if warm.
They are still refreshing, even if warm.

I am really just scratching the surface of things you need to know to relocate to the Dallas area, but to sum it all up, Dallas is an awesome place to be, and we are happy to have you. Go grab a gas station Taco and take it to the park we built on top of the highway, and just revel in being a Dallasite – you made it!

The Heights Church Car Show Richardson Texas

The Heights Church in Richardson, TX puts on an incredible car show every year, and this year (2015) was no different. A ton of our classic car insurance clients begged us to come hang out, and we are easy to convince. Check out this lineup! agreed value insurance allen best insurance austin ferrari insurance auto insurance dallas auto insurance frisco auto insurance garland auto insurance plano auto insurance richardson auto insurance southlake auto insurance best agent in dallas best insurance agent dallas best of dallas insurance boat insurance california insurance car collection insurance car collector insurance car insurance anna car insurance dallas car insurance frisco car insurance garland car insurance mckinney car insurance plano car insurance richardson car insurance southlake car insurance the colony Car insurance classc car insurance denver classic auto insurance allen classic car insurance allen classic car insurance colorado classic car insurance dallas classic car insurance plano classic car insurance polano classic car insurance pueblo classic car insurance dallas agent safeco dallas auto insurance dallas best insurance dallas boat insurance dallas boaters insurance dallas ferrari insurance dallas insurance auto dallas insurance car dallas top rated insurance dallas dallas's best insurance exotic car insurance allen exotic car insurance claifornia exotic car insurance colorado exotic car insurance dallas exotic car insurance richardson exotic car insurance southlake exotic car insurance specialist exotic car insurance texas exotic car insurance ferrari insurance dallas ferrari insurance fort worth auto insurance fort worth home insurance home insurance colorado home insurance dallas home insurance denver home insurance frisco home insurance loveland home insurance plano home insurance pueblo home insurance richardson home insurance homeonwers insurance denver homeowners insurance colorado homeowners insurance hot rod insurance houston's best insurance independent agent dallas insurance car collection insurance exotic car insurance exotic collection insurance professional dallas jetski insurance jewelry insurance lamborghini insurance dallas lamborghini insurance the woodlands lamborgini insurance houston landlord insurance largest agency dallas liability insurance mckinney homeonwers insurance motorcycle insurance off road insurance plano top insurance agent race car insurance race team insurance rat rod insurance renters insurance restoration insurance san diego classic car insurance specialist exotic car texas auto insurance texas boat insurance texas exotic car insurance umbrealla insuracne umbrealla insurance

What Insurance Companies do We Represent

As Independent Insurance Agents,  We sincerely believe that we are the best way to shop for any type of property insurance.  Home insurance, auto insurance, and even motorcycle and boat insurance. Why an independent agent? We are authorized to represent many different companies in order to give our clients plenty of options when it comes to their property and liability insurance. So what companies are we authorized to sell?

Allstate Insurance

ASI Lloyds

Condon Skelly

Berkley Classics





Grundy Insurance

Hagerty Insurance

Homeowners of America

Imperial Fire






Republic Insurance


American Modern

Texas Fair Plan


The Hartford



Chubb Insurance


This is not a static list, as we are always seeking out new insurance companies in order to give our clients even more choices. Contact your insurance consultant today, and take a look at how your current insurance rate stacks up against one of our many insurance companies.


Town East Mall Pre Father’s Day Car Show

Car collecting and car shows are really a great family hobby. Everyone can enjoy going out to a show of like minded people, and admiring the work and love they put into either making their car their own, or restoring a tired old car to its former glory. This Mesquite show was a great place to meet up with several of our classic car insurance clients. auto insurance dallas auto insurance mckineey auto insurance mckinney auto insurance plano auto insurance best agent dallas best auto insurance dallas best home insurance dallas best insurance agent plano best insurance agents best rated insurance dallas car insurance (2) car insurance dallas car insurance fort worth car insurance frisco car insurance garland car insurance plano car insurance richardson car insurance southlake car insurance wylie car insurance car insurane mckinney classic auto insurance classic car insurance collector insurance dallas colorado car insurance custom auto insurance custom car insurance custom insurance customer service insurance dallas dallas insurance agent exotic auto insurance high value insurance dallas home insurance allen home insurance dallas home insurance frisco home insurance mckinney home insurance plano home insurance safeco home insurance homeonwers insurance dallas homeonwers insurance richardson homeowners insurance frisco homeowners insurance plano homeowners insurance independent insurance agent jewelry insurance dallas kansas car insurance rat rod insurance renters insurance safeco insurance dallas texas car insurance top rated agent dallas travelers insurance dallas

What is Liability Insurance?

Sure, most of us buy insurance to protect our stuff. Obviously, you must have nice stuff to protect  – why else would you be reading a blog about insurance? Yes, a big part of what we sell is property insurance, but what about the other part of insurance  – the one that protects you above and beyond the specific dollar value of one piece of property That, dear reader, is called “liability insurance”.  Most personal policies that you pay for already have liability insurance, so isince you are already paying for it, you may as well understand how it works.

Generally, the largest amount of liability coverage most people have is attached to their home insurance policy. In our agency, we generally try to steer our clients to buy the most liability insurance that they can on their home; not because it raises the premium, but for the amount of value per dollar spent. The difference in premium between the minimum liability amount of $100,000 and $500,000 is generally in the range of $100 a year. This is an incredible way to invest your insurance dollars – where else can you buy $400,000 extra worth of anything for $100? Nowhere but insurance.

Liability coverage, at its core, protects you from lawsuits that may be filed against you. Yes, if your negligence causes injury like if the tile you keep meaning to fix finally breaks and your neighbor breaks his leg. However, the big value in liability insurance is in your legal defense. Talk trash about your neighbor and get sued? Liability coverage to the rescue. The standard amount of liability insurance on most policies is $100,000, but if you have priced a lawyer lately, you understand how much more coverage you really need. It’s the cheapest part of your home insurance, pound for pound, so you should bump it has high as you can. You never know when you will need it – or exactly how much trash your wife talks about the neighbors.

Auto liability is the liability coverage most people are familiar with – and like home insurance, it really shouldn’t be skimped on. Auto liability coverage is generally divided into three numbers – ex. 100/300/50. These three numbers represent $100,000 bodily injury per person/ $300,000 bodily injury per accident/ and $50,000 in property damage to others per accident. State generally set a minimum amount of coverage that is acceptable; in Texas it’s 30/60/25. Should you ever “rock the minimum”? No, for two main reasons.

1. It’s too low. If you are in a major accident and are left short, the damages you cause still have to be paid. If you total one Mercedes, or even a brand new Ford F150, you will come up well short on property damage. That money still needs to be paid. Guess who is responsible?

2. Higher limits of liability can actually save you money in the long run. Even if you are never in an accident, carrying high liability limits shows insurance companies that you are a concerned driver. One of our main functions here at The Phoenix Insurance is to shop your insurance for you when (not if, but when) your insurance premiums go up. It’s easier to get a better deal if you carry higher liability limits. Insurance companies like to insure responsible drivers, and nothing says “responsible” to an insurance company like high auto liability limits.

Remember up there where I said that home insurance is “generally” where people carry most of their liability insurance? I said generally because some (sadly not all) people carry an excess liability or “umbrella” policy. An Umbrella policy generally covers you for $1 million in excess of the liability coverage on your home and auto insurance. If you have been picking up what I have been laying down in the rest of this blog, you are starting to realize that higher liability limits are always better. With higher limits your assets are better protected. Yes, I said assets. While liability insurance does not specifically cover a specific piece of property for a certain value, it is there to prevent you from having to sell that piece of property off in order to defend yourself in court. You are already paying for liability insurance. Is it enough? An umbrella policy on top of whatever you have is generally cheap – usually under $300. Isn’t your peace of mind worth at least that much? Even if you choose not to get an umbrella policy, make sure you carry high enough limits on both your home and auto insurance at least. Call one of our agents today and continue the discussion about liability coverage.

auto insurance

What Kind of Insurance Coverage Should I Consider for My Motorcycle?

So you  either talked your wife into letting you buy a motorcycle, you don’t have a wife to talk into it, or you are expecting a big fight when you get home. No matter what, you need to figure out how to insure your new motorcycle, and not break the bank when you are doing it. As a new owner, you need to understand some differences between your new motorcyle insurance and your auto insurance.

1. A motorcycle is not a car. This may seem pretty self explanatory, but you would be surprised how many people use their auto premium to figure out if they are getting a “good deal” on their motorcyle insurance. The two are unrelated! Well, I suppose that  you are a driver on both policies, but the liablitites and risks are different for both types of vehicles.  Your car can do more damage, but your bike might be worth more, and is for sure easier to toss in the back of a pickup truck.


Some people don't even need pickups.

2. Fast bikes are more expensive to insure than cruisers. However, both can be very expensive to insure if not done correctly. Every company has a different set of customers that they are interested in – some companies want young guys on fast bikes; some companies want older guys on cruiser type bikes – but they don’t want any cruisers that have lots of accessories on them. Likewise, some companies are not at all interested in people that have no prior insurance on a bike – while others don’t care. IF you choose a good agent, he will know the appetites of each company.


It's even harder to find a company that wants monkey motorcyclists.

3. Most policies come with coverage for accessories – and riding gear. Be sure to ask what sort of coverage you are buying, and what limits are available to you. Most companies cover around $3000 in accessories standard, but if you have more than that, it pays to ask. Also, that coverage often goes to cover any motorcycle specific gear as well. If you have $3000 in custom parts and equipment and another $1200 in leathers and a helmet, you need to talk to your agent about what is available to protect your investment.

While there is no accounting for taste, this can certainly be covered.

4. Ask what “extra” coverages are available. Different companies have different options; some offer trip interrruption, so if your Hog breaks down in the Dakotas, the company will put you up overnight until your part can be found. Likewise, “Roadside assistance” is often available as well – so if you lock yourself off your bike, you can call someone and explain just how you managed to do that. There are also endorsements that will get you a brand new motorcycle of the same make and model if you wreck yours, and other endorsements that will even get you a rental bike if yours breaks down.

But will they wash it if I get it dirty?

As you see, motorcycle coverage can be complicated. It’s different than auto insurance, so you would be well served to seek out an agent who is well versed in how to write a proper motorcycle policy. Maybe then your wife will believe that you have actually thought this out, rather than assuming that you made a crazy impulse purchase.

Crazy Clown Good Advice About Insurance in Dallas

Here at The Phoenix, we know that lots of you don’t want to read about insurance, because you think it’s all just lies and made up facts by the insurance company. (Not to mention, some of you just can’t read – and I can say that because those people can’t read what I’m saying.) We understand, so we post videos starring the Crazy Clown. Enjoy, and if you learn something about your home insurance, your auto insurance, or your boat insurance, don’t be shocked.

4 People who do Auto and Home Insurance and Commerical Insurance with The Phoenix Insurance

So I’ve been spending time lately throwing lists at you – to show you my knowledge of Renters Insurance, Homeowner’s Insurance, Auto Insurance, and even Commercial Insurance. Intead of bombarding you with information today, I thought I’d put up some reviews from happy customers – you can’t get a better testimonial than someone who has used our service.

1. Here is a client that likes the one stop shopping aspect of what we do. John Likes to have his home insurance and auto insurance in the same place – and we make that easy. Even if both policies are not with the same company, you still have one number to call.

My wife and I really like The Phoenix Insurance for a couple of reasons; we were able to get our homeowners insurance and our auto insurance in one place for one stop shopping.”

2. Richard is pleased because we saved him money on home insurance and auto insurance. He is a longtime client of ours, and we are pleased to have him as a client.

I’ve been dealing with The Phoenix Insurance Company for a number of years and they have saved me a considerable amount of money on my home and auto insurance. I’m quite pleased with their service.”

3. We also do Commercial Insurance for Texas clients. Here is Jonathan Poole, the owner of  Prevail Rsources, who uses The Phoenix Insurance for his company’s commerical insurance and worker’s comp insurance. He thinks we are a great bunch of guys. To be frank I don’t know how you can get higher praise.

Hi, I’m Jonathan Poole, owner of Prevail Resources, LLC. We use The Pheonix Insurance for our commercial insurance cover and our worker’s compensation cover ane they are a great bunch of guys and we really enjoy working with them.

4. Finally, we have Hans, who is a bit of a low talker, it seems, and is the reason I have transcribed all of the other videos. Despite being hard to hear, Hans’ praise for The Phoenix Insurnace is effusive – we are speedy, timely, and he mentions how great our service is. You might have to crank the volume for this one.

The Phoenix Insurance helped me a great deal with my home insurance and my auto insurance. They give great service; they are speedy, timely, and I was very pleased with my rates.”

Here are just a few of the many clients we have helped with home insurance, auto insurance, and even commercial insurance. While you may scoff at these videos and say “well, you just taped those yourself” I want you to ask yourself a question. Would you take the time to make a video for your insurance agent? These people would, and did. That’s how much they love to work with us. Everyone has a different reaon to work with The Phoenix – service, value, our general “greatness” that you cannot touch but can feel. Don’t you want to be so happy with your Dallas insurance agent that you would testify for them?