After you go to enough classic car shows and events, you start to think that you need some sort of classic car or hot rod. Here at The Phoenix Insurance, We are no different.

First we built a hot rod DIVCO on a Ford Lightning pickup truck. That’s right, we took one of a few thousand first generation Ford Lightning performance trucks, cut the body off, and replaced it with a 1955 DIVCO milk truck body. Now we have a milk truck that runs the ¼ in about 14 seconds, and has taken us to many car shows all over the southwest; in our first year of ownership, we put a little over 11,000 miles on our hot rod DIVCO Lightning. Everyone loves it, and we have won a ton of awards with it, both at the national and local level.

IMG_6161 (3)

After beating ourselves up driving cross country in a hot rod milk truck, we decided to try to find something a little more comfortable to travel in – so we went crazy and bought the second member of the fleet; an extremely rare 1969 GLastron 20’ motorhome. Glastron is known for boats, but for a couple of years, they made motorhomes. There are no records of how many motorhomes were made in Austin, but I have heard numbers as low as 50, and as high as a 100 over the three years of production. The RV we bought had been completely redone inside, but when we got it back to the insurance office we decided to tweak the whole thing a little.

This page will be devoted to The Phoenix Insurance fleet – every post you see below will be about our vehicles, our sponsors, and our adventures building, maintaining, and driving them all over the place while we sell classic, custom and exotic car insurance.

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