Rental Property

If you are a landlord with several different rental properties, you have different needs than an ordinary homeowner’s policy can address. You need a dwelling fire or a landlord policy. We offer several different products from several different companies; so whether you are the best landlord ever or a slumlord with a hundred shacks in the worst part of town, our rental property insurance has you covered.


Package Discounts: Some companies offer discounts for policyholders with more than one property, and there are even larger discounts available to customers that insure their primary residence with the same company that writes their landlord policy.

Varying levels of coverage.  Don’t care about anything more than the base level of coverage for your rental property? Fire only coverage is available to you, as is extended coverage that covers everything from the roof to the interior if your tenant wrecks the place.

Extended liability coverage: When you own the place where other people live, you may have  liability issues. All it takes is one minor accident to send your life spinning out of control. As a landlord, it pays to make sure you are protected from more than the elements.

Vacant House Coverage: If you are between tenants or in the process of renovating your house, it pays to look into vacant home insurance. A vacant home has its own set of risks, especially since it is unoccupied. A minor water leak can quickly turn into a disaster, as can a party thrown by the local kids without your knowledge.