Vacation Home

If it’s a cabin on the lake or a condo in the city that you use on the weekends, a secondary / vacation home policy is important in order to protect you and your good times far into the future.  Secondary houses face different risks than primary homes, and have special coverage is available for these part time properties.


Extended liability: You aren’t always at the lake house, but that doesn’t mean that you aren’t responsible for what happens when you aren’t there. Believe it or not, someone could break in, hurt themselves, and you could find yourself facing a lawsuit.


Additional Structures Coverage: Boat houses, docks, gazebos – these all tend to be a little more expensive than the standard coverage on a homeowners policy. Our insurance counselors understand that vacation homes come with a different set of risks and liabilities, and will discuss your options to make sure your policy fits your needs, rather than plugging you into a standard policy.

Companion Discounts: When you bundle home, auto, and secondary home coverage, the discounts just keep adding up. Companies do like to have all their eggs in the same basket, so to speak – it’s easier for them to get their minds around the risk, and that equates to more savings for you.

Outboard Liability coverage: Sometimes you have an inexpensive boat with a nice motor that you need to insure – or need to at least have some liability on. If you don’t want to get a full boat policy, you can arrange for your outboard liability to be covered on your lake home.