Four wheelers and other “all terrain vehicles” can be covered by insurance too – and The Phoenix Insurance has the coverage that you need for your toys. Whether you reel them through the dunes or explore with them on the logging trails, we have your toys covered.


Liability Coverage: If you have the four wheeler at the cabin, and the kids and their friends ride it, and one friend isn’t as coordinated as the others…  Make sure you are protected with liability insurance on your all terrain toys.


Accessory Coverage: Racks, bags, holsters, even helmets – your insurance shouldn’t just cover your ATV, you have plenty of stuff that goes along with riding. None of it is cheap, and all of it is subject to theft or damage. With low disappearing deductibles available, it doesn’t pay to not have insurance.


On road liability: Sometimes when you are riding in the backwoods, you have to ride down the road a ways to get home, or even to transition between trails or fields. On road liability covers you should something happen while you are moving from one place to another on public streets.


Trailer coverage: Have a trailer you use to haul your ATV’s to where there is mud? You can cover that trailer on the same policy as the vehicles, so you can sleep soundly at the hotel on the way to the fun. Trailer and theft coverage can even be purchased without liability in some cases.