The sun in your face, the smell of water in your nose, and the sounds of laughter at the lake. It’s said that  the best sort of friend to have is one that owns a boat, and if you are that friend, we have you covered. From hull to motor -even the fishing or ski equipment you haul around – we have the right policy for you.


Gear Coverage: Fishing poles, tackle, wakeboards and lifejackets. That stuff doesn’t come cheap, and if something happens, you don’t want to have to pay for all of that stuff a second time. Talk to your consultant about what kind of gear you haul around, and ensure that it’s covered on your policy.

Total Loss Replacement. This type of coverage will replace your boat with one of a similar make and quality – wreck it or sink it and just get a new boat. How easy is that? This Total Loss replacement coverage is available if you buy your boat new and insure it at the time of purchase.

Disappearing Deductibles:  Your deductible drops by 25% at each claim free policy renewal. Go for four years without a claim, and you will have a zero dollar deductible. Zero means zero, and if you have a claim after four years, it won’t cost you anything more than your time.


Medical Payments Coverage: If someone gets hurt on your boat because you hit a stump or lose control, you want to make sure they are able to get their medical bills paid. Some polices even cover  the people you are towing on behind your boat who are holding onto a rope. Try to get that kind of coverage on your car policy – you can’t!