No matter what kind of bike you prefer; a chromed out Harley Davidson, a custom chopper, a classic, an enduro, or even an exotic Ducati, we have the motorcycle insurance protect your ride, and plenty of options to cover everything you need.


Custom Parts and Equipment Coverage: One of the joys of being a motorcyclist is making your bike your own. Whatever you put on your bike to make it your own can be covered, so that in the event of a loss, you can be made whole again. Whether you have chrome everywhere or aluminum bags that’ll float down a river, accessories are expensive. Be sure to discuss your options with your insurance consultant.


Theft Coverage: Unlike your car, a motorcycle can be tossed into the back of the truck in as much time as it takes to read this sentence out loud. With the right theft deductible on your bike you will be back on the road in no time.


Trip interruption coverage: They say most accidents happen close to home, but not on a motorcycle. Inevitably, bad things happen when you are in the middle of nowhere. Trip interruption coverage can put you a hotel while the shop waits for the part to come in, so that you can get back on the road. Sometimes, the journey is the destination.


Gear Coverage:  Helmets, jackets, boot and gloves are all expensive accessories that people never think to cover on their insurance policy. By covering them on your motorcycle policy, they will be replaced  if damaged doing their job; keeping you safe.