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5 Ways Your Insurance Protects You Around The Holidays

Every family has a holiday disaster that is terrible the first year, but as the years go on, retelling the story becomes a part of family tradition. Insurance isn’t festive, but it can come to the rescue of your festivities.

1. If you poison someone at dinner, the liability portion of your home insurance is there for you.This one is based on a true story; one year when we were up north for the holidays, we went to eat at Uncle Bill’s house for the big meal. As he always had, Uncle Bill stored the turkey outside on the porch until it was time to cook. However, that year there was an unnaturally warm afternoon, and the turkey thawed quickly and then froze again that evening. When the turkey was cooked and served, everyone (except for Uncle Bill) ended up in the hospital with food poisoning. That year we only had family members in attendance, and no one filed suit. However, if someone had decided to sue, the liability portion of his insurance would have covered him.


This is a bad idea.
This is a bad idea.

2. If someone steals the presents you have in your back seat, the “personal property off premises” coverage of your home insurance will cover you.

First, if you are shopping for gifts and making multiple stops, be sure to keep all of your purchases in the trunk of your car. However, if you drive an SUV, that’s obviously not an option. Unfortunately the holidays don’t just bring out the good in people, they also present an opportunity for thieving scumbags to break your window and steal all of the presents you have purchased. If that were to happen, those gifts would be covered by your home insurance (or renters insurance if you don’t own a home). I would still bring along a blanket to keep your purchases away from prying eyes, but your insurance is there for you should something terrible happen.

this is an awful thing to walk up on.
This is an awful thing to walk up on.
3. If your tree burns down your house, you are covered.Once again, I’m going to first give you some good advice; water your tree, check the wires on your lights for shorts, and never go old school on your tree by using candles for light. Sometimes however, even if you follow my advice, bad things can happen. If the worst happens and your tree catches fire, your home insurance is there for you with fire coverage – and if your house is burned, you will need a place to celebrate that doesn’t stink of smoke and firemen’s sweat. That’s where the additional living expense coverage comes in; you will obviously need a place to live while your home is being repaired. You won’t be celebrating at home, but you also won’t have to impose on Uncle Bill (and risk that turkey dinner).
Super Hardcore!
Super Hardcore!

4. If your party gets too rambunctious and someone gets hurt, you are covered.We have all been there; the party is bumping, the rug is rolled up, people are dancing, and then a scream as Aunt Josehine sprains her ankle and hits the floor. Luckily for you, your homeowner’s insurance includes “medical payments” coverage so you can rush her to the emergency room. The minimum coverage is $500, but more can be purchased if you are so inclined. I would certainly purchase more if you throw lots of parties – and if you have elderly aunts who like to cut a rug.

She'll also probably hit on that friend you invited over.
She’ll also probably hit on that friend you invited over.

5. That new car you put a bow on is automatically covered.This one isn’t actually covered on your homeowner’s insurance, but it is covered by your auto insurance. When you purchase a new vehicle, your auto insurance automatically extends to the new vehicle for 30 days. That way you don’t have to risk spoiling the surprise by adding the car in advance of giving it to the giftee. This coverage extension isn’t here just to prevent spoiling surprises, it’s to ensure that your new purchase is covered until you can get hold of your agent. This 30 day courtesy extension doesn’t just happen during the holidays either, it is available to protect you year round.


This IS a good idea.
This IS a good idea.

These are just five ways your homeowner’s (and auto) insurance protects you against disaster during the holidays. Obviously no one wants to rely on their insurance to save the holiday, but it is nice to know it’s there if a disaster should try to ruin the season. Here at The Phoenix, we wish you a very happy holiday, and hope that you don’t have to make a claim this time of year – but if you need to, we are here to help!

Head Rush Hot Rod Car and Motorcycle Show

Head Rush is a great show at a great location – as usual several of our classic car insurance clients took first place in their divisionaddison auto insurance antique auto insurance dallas antique auto insurance houston antique auto insurance plano antique auto insurance auto insurance southlake auto insurance car insurance dallas car insurance frisco car insurance plano car insurance southlake (2) car insurance southlake carrollton auto insurance dallas auto insurance (2) dallas auto insurance dallas home coverage dallas home insurance dallas homeonwers dallas insurance frisco auto insurance garland auto insurance home insurance dallas home insurance frisco home insurance plano home insurance southlake home insurance texas home insurance the colony home insurance home owners insurance dallas home owners insurance garland home owners insurance plano home owners insurance texas home owners insurane southlake homeowners insurance dalals homeowners insurance dallas homeowners insurance plano homeowners insurance texas inaurance expert dallas insurance experts plano auto insurance plano insurance richardson auto insurance texas antique auto texas home insurance – as did several motorcycle insurance customers!

The Heights Church Car Show Richardson Texas

The Heights Church in Richardson, TX puts on an incredible car show every year, and this year (2015) was no different. A ton of our classic car insurance clients begged us to come hang out, and we are easy to convince. Check out this lineup! agreed value insurance allen best insurance austin ferrari insurance auto insurance dallas auto insurance frisco auto insurance garland auto insurance plano auto insurance richardson auto insurance southlake auto insurance best agent in dallas best insurance agent dallas best of dallas insurance boat insurance california insurance car collection insurance car collector insurance car insurance anna car insurance dallas car insurance frisco car insurance garland car insurance mckinney car insurance plano car insurance richardson car insurance southlake car insurance the colony Car insurance classc car insurance denver classic auto insurance allen classic car insurance allen classic car insurance colorado classic car insurance dallas classic car insurance plano classic car insurance polano classic car insurance pueblo classic car insurance dallas agent safeco dallas auto insurance dallas best insurance dallas boat insurance dallas boaters insurance dallas ferrari insurance dallas insurance auto dallas insurance car dallas top rated insurance dallas dallas's best insurance exotic car insurance allen exotic car insurance claifornia exotic car insurance colorado exotic car insurance dallas exotic car insurance richardson exotic car insurance southlake exotic car insurance specialist exotic car insurance texas exotic car insurance ferrari insurance dallas ferrari insurance fort worth auto insurance fort worth home insurance home insurance colorado home insurance dallas home insurance denver home insurance frisco home insurance loveland home insurance plano home insurance pueblo home insurance richardson home insurance homeonwers insurance denver homeowners insurance colorado homeowners insurance hot rod insurance houston's best insurance independent agent dallas insurance car collection insurance exotic car insurance exotic collection insurance professional dallas jetski insurance jewelry insurance lamborghini insurance dallas lamborghini insurance the woodlands lamborgini insurance houston landlord insurance largest agency dallas liability insurance mckinney homeonwers insurance motorcycle insurance off road insurance plano top insurance agent race car insurance race team insurance rat rod insurance renters insurance restoration insurance san diego classic car insurance specialist exotic car texas auto insurance texas boat insurance texas exotic car insurance umbrealla insuracne umbrealla insurance

Paloma Creek Sonic Sock Hop

nothing evokes the”good old days” like Sonic and classic cars. As usual, we were tooling around town in our antique milk truck, looking for a place where our classic insurance clients were hanging out. The Paloma Sonic Sock Hop was full of our friends, and we made some new friends there as well! best insurance dallas best insurance price dallas best insurance texas best price insurance dallas best price insurance texass best price texas insurance best rates dallas car insurance texas Dallas Auto Insurance Dallas best insurance agent dallas best Dallas car insurance dallas exotic insurance dallas ferrari insurance dallas home insurance (2) Dallas Home Insurance dallas insurance agent dallas insurance rate dallas top insurance ferrari dallas ferrari insurance agent Frisco Auto Insurance Frisco Car Insurance Frisco home insurance Frisco homeowners insurance Frisco Renters Insurance homeowners insurance insurance advice insurance rates dallas lamborghini insurance Plano auto insurance plano best agent Plano Car Insurance plano home insurance plano home owner insurance plano homeowners insurance plano liability insurance race car insurance race insurance texas auto insurance rate texas auto insurance texas car insurance texas home insurance texas homeowners insurance

What Insurance Companies do We Represent

As Independent Insurance Agents,  We sincerely believe that we are the best way to shop for any type of property insurance.  Home insurance, auto insurance, and even motorcycle and boat insurance. Why an independent agent? We are authorized to represent many different companies in order to give our clients plenty of options when it comes to their property and liability insurance. So what companies are we authorized to sell?

Allstate Insurance

ASI Lloyds

Condon Skelly

Berkley Classics





Grundy Insurance

Hagerty Insurance

Homeowners of America

Imperial Fire






Republic Insurance


American Modern

Texas Fair Plan


The Hartford



Chubb Insurance


This is not a static list, as we are always seeking out new insurance companies in order to give our clients even more choices. Contact your insurance consultant today, and take a look at how your current insurance rate stacks up against one of our many insurance companies.


Red White and Boom McKinney 2015

McKinney, Texas put on a great car show on the 4th of July, 2015. As usual we ran into lots of classic car insurance customers, and even some modern collectible car insurance customers. We love going to shows, and nothing makes your heart swell with American Pride on Independence Day more than an incredible lineup of (mostly) American steel. addison auto insurance addison car insurance addison collector insurance addison home insurance addison renters insurance car collection insurance carrollton home insurance collecots insurance dallas auto insurance dallas best agent dallas car insurance dallas classic auto insurance dallas classic car insurance dallas exotic car dallas exotic car insurance dallas exotic car insurnace dallas ferrari insurance dallas home insurance dallas homeowners insurance dallas insurance agent dallas lamborghini insurance dallas renters insurance frisco auto insurance frisco car insurance frisco classic car insurance frisco exotic car frisco exotic insurance frisco home insurane frisco homeowners insurance frisco renters insurance home insurance irving home insurance southlake independent insurance insurance advisor dallas insurance advisor plano insurance consultant dallas insurance consulting plano auto insurance plano car insurance plano classic auto insurance plano classic car insurance plano exotic auto insurance plano exotic auto plano exotic car insurance plano home insurance plano homeonwers insurance plano homeowners insurance plano insurance agent plano renters insurance race car insurance top rated insurance

How to Navigate an Insurance Claim – Part Two.

The last time we got together, I tried to explain how the deductible works, and some things that you should consider when choosing a property deductible. I’ll wait if you want to go back and read it again. Go ahead. Done? Good. Now that you have chosen how much deductible you are going to pay in the event of a loss, we can talk about when to use them.

We will start with the easier of the two – your auto insurance. I want to start the restof this article by saying this; you pay for insurance to protect your things. Sometimes, a claim just needs to be made. With auto insurance, mist claims are worthwhile, because you have had an accident. The only claims we caution clients to consider avoiding are windshield chip claims. While they won’t raise your rates directly, they can be problematic if we need to quote your policy with other companies. Unless your windshield is broken, it is best to pay for the chip repair yourself. With other claims, my personal rule of thumb is to consider the payout – if you have a $500 deductible, do you really need to make a $600 claim? Those types of claims are pretty rare on auto policies, due to the rising cost of auto repairs.  Also, remember that most car insurance policies now come with some form of roadside assistance, and if you have to use that service, it does not count as a claim.

The big question you should ask yourself when it comes to homeowner’s insurance claims is whether or not the claim is “worth it” or not. Just like with auto insurance, if you have an $1100 claim and a $1000 home insurance deductible, it’s probably not “Worth it” to make a claim. Most home insurance policies here in Texas have a 1% wind and hail deductible, so if you are in a $130,000 home, then you probably have a $1300 deductible. However, a hail claim doesn’t “count against you” for rate purposes. A water claim or a burglary claim, on the other hand, will increase your rates, so it’s imperative to consider what the claim is worth before you call the insurance company. Your first call should be to our office to chat with one of our consultants about your claim.

In fact, we even have a “claims advocate” here at The Phoenix Insurance to help guide you through the claims process. Hopefully, you will never need the advocate’s help, but if you have a claim and have any questions, concerns, or needs, he is here to help you understand the claims process, and make it a smooth one. Whether you have had an auto accident or a water claim on your home, our claims advocate is here to help you get made whole again as quickly and painlessly as possible.


The Phoenix Insurance 2015 Charity Championship Second Round Schedule

The first round of the Phoenix Insurance 2015 Charity Championship is over, and it was a great group of games. We played four games a day for a week, and have now gotten down to the meat of the contest, and have started to see what charities are really contenders in this thing. For round two, we will do one game a day, starting on February 27.

charity champtionships logo

Here is the schedule for the first games in the “March Madness” part of the 2015 Charity Championship.

2/27 – Doctors Without Borders VS Cody’s Friends .

2/28 Dallas Furniture Bank VS The Stew Pot

3/1 iKandy Foundation VS Second Chance Farm

3/2  Rockwall Pets VS CMA Youth

3/3 Snowball Express VS Dallas Volunteer Attorney Program

3/4 Wounded Warriors VS Dallas Foster Parent Association

3/5 Guns N Hoses VS Service Packs

03/6 The Ou Club of Dallas VS Throwaway Ponies

03/07 Custom Canines VS Ninja Paws

03/08 Loving Garland Green VS ASPCA

03/09 Juvenile Diabetes Research VS My Possibilities

03/10 Community Partners of Dallas VS Child Advocacy Center

03/11 Make a Wish Foundation VS Trinity Kids

03/12 Operation Kindness VS Habitat for Humanity Garland

03/13 St Jude Children’s Research Hospital VS Jewish Family Services of Dallas

03/14 The Family Place VS All Saints Catholic School

As in the first round, the contests will be won by voting on our Facebook page – just click HERE to participate. Congratulations to everyone who made it through the first round, and good luck to everyone playing in these next games.



You can win Four Texas Rangers Tickets.

Is everyone ready for some bracketology? Thanks for joining us again on TPN. I am your resident bracketologist Lance Cannon. As you know we have The Phoenix Insurance Charity Championship going on and we have got 44 well deserving charities. One of them is going to win a donation – but one of you fans, somebody’s going to win some Rangers tickets, so I’m gonna tell you how. We need you to go post on The Phoenix Insurance Facebook page and there you will find this bracket. Print it up, fill it out, take a picture of it and post it in the comments in that pinned Facebook page. Get that post in there before Monday when we lock out any more brackets. Here is how the scoring is going to go. In the first round for each win that you get you are going to get one point. The second round is going to earn you two points, the third round is going to earn you four points. We’re gonna keep doubling the points; quarter final you get eight points wor wins, semi-finals you get tw-sixteen points for wins, and the finals you are going to get 32 points. We’re gonna add up all the points and the person who has the most points from the wins is going to win those four Rangers tickets. So go to The Phoenix Insurance Facebook page, find that pinned post, get those brackets posted by Monday, so you can wi – get a chance to win. For TPN, thanks for joining us, I’m Lance Cannon.

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Some Things I Learned About Classic Cars and California.

As some of you who actually read this blog (and follow our adventures) know, we recently made a road trip to California in our 1955 DIVCO Lightning to participate in the 13th Annual Del Mar Nationals Good-Guys show. To be honest, I thought that taking our products into California and talking to folks about the way they insure their classics would be the same as it is in Texas; classic car insurance is classic car insurance, right? The folks driving the cars are the same as everywhere else, and so it should be easy, right? Wrong.

Our roadtrip vehicle. 1955 DIVCO milk truck, somewhere in New Mexico.

1. People in California drive their classic automobiles. On our first day in town, we decided to have some lunch near the beach while we got the road grime cleaned off of the DIVCO Lightning. After we negotiated a price to get our hot rod milk truck washed, we strolled down by the beach, and I counted not less than 4 cars from the 1950’s and 60’s with surfboard carriers strapped to their roofs. There was a 1957 Chevrolet Bel air, a “Ratrod” woody, a 1960’s MG coupe, and of course, a VW bus. Driving your classic car is not a problem, but in order to make sure your car is properly covered, talk to an agent. Lots of classic auto specific policies forbid using your car for anything other than parades or car shows. I could tell already that California classic owners were a different breed, and I hadn’t even talked to any yet.

This is a pretty pricey truck anymore.

2. Everything is expensive in California. I also learned this on the beach – at a lunch joint. Why is this important when it comes to writing classic car insurance in California? Because Californians don’t believe that ANYTHING worthwhile can be as cheap as classic auto insurance is, and they certainly think that if it’s as cheap as it is, they don’t want anything to do with it. In this case, living in California has skewed their opinions in the wrong way. Classic car insurance (in California or anywhere) is cheap and worthwhile. Some inexpensive things have value, and classic car insurance is one of them.

This is another thing that is super expensive in California. I’d go pedestrian if I had to see this every day.

3. People love “woodies” in California. Which is great, and a long part of their beachgoing tradition. I also learned woodies are expensive. I had guessed as much, but had no idea that an “average” woody can go for upwards of $100,000. I was also surprised at the number of folks with six figure rarities that just kept liability coverage, “because I don’t really drive it that much”. I’ll say it again; if you have a classic or collector car, getting full coverage through a specialty program is generally cheaper than just having liability coverage through your regular carrier. That $100,000 woody wagon? It’d cost under $600 a year to insure it for the true value, and come out of an accident with enough money to build a new one.

This is a 1948, and you are looking at probably 125-140k of American iron and wood “on the hoof” as it were.

4. Roadside assistance is very worthwhile coverage, every time. On our way back home, we ran over a bag that contained something sharp enough to put a 2.5″ cut in the white part of our whitewall tire. When I discussed our policies with California folks, they just about all dismissed “Roadside assistance” as something they didn’t want to pay for on their classic auto policy, because “I have it through AAA” or some other reason. I guess that’s fine, but all of our classic policies have flatbed towing guaranteed, and not every roadside program does. I was impressed with the response time as well; we picked up our flat in Yuma, AZ at 6:30 in the morning and were on the back of the tow truck within 20 minutes of calling our classic car insurance company. The best part? Roadside assistance is a built in coverage, so you aren’t paying any extra for it.

You want to consider how good your roadside is well before this happens.

I learned a lot more than these four things on our California road trip, but those are for another blog post. Our DIVCO Lightning won an award, and was very well recieved by the folks at the show, and we met lots of really nice people who were looking to do business with the best classic car insurance agency in California. Luckily, we were there.